The way to maintenance method for removing water spots

The way to maintenance method for removing water spots

Water spot is one of the natural enemy of a beautiful car. By ion deposit moves, water spots will occur, and the traces of white circular will be stuck. For an early stage, you can drop it only by car washing.

But the most evil thing is the terrible phenomenon that you must repaint when a car continues parking illegally. Even if you do glass coating with much effort and make the car clean. It is spoiled when It has water spots.I left a drop of water which stuck to an unattended car. And the cause of getting ion sticking will be dried naturally.

Mineral compositions which included in water forms a wall like a dam. While I repeat it, the wall of the mineral compositions becomes bigger, and rainwater becomes easy to collect only on the part. An ion composition is included in rainwater erodes in a coating department, a painting department. Diligent car washing is the most effective to prevent this worst situation, water spot.

Yu can wash a car frequently with high pressure water and wipe it, and can almost remove traces, the ion deposit of the cause of the water spot. Because I did it and finished in around 30 minutes. It will be the method that is good in the way to keep a favorite car neatly.

However, the only condition that I cannot maintain and cannot be eliminated by car washing is when ion deposit becomes incurable. And the removal that I use to the exclusive article is necessary. Let's take measure that we wash a car as soon as we found the white traces to evade water spots when it rains. It can also help you not only protect the paint section, but also an effect of the coating will last for a long time and keep the car being beautiful.