Duration of glass coating effect is long

Duration of glass coating effect is long

If you want to have a shiny car after washing and keep it in clean paint condition. There is a body coating which has to be applied to the vehicle in such the case. The polish advantage of body coating are easy to maintenance, hard to leave scratches.

There are several types of the body coating. Glass coating and polymer coating will be cited as typical examples. Fee is affordable, polymer coatingcan be said that it is a reasonable process because the process time is short. Duration of the effect highly depends on the degree of maintenance, but it is said in general that it is one to two years. On the other hand, the cost of slightly glass coating becomes expensive.

But the effect duration is five years. Difference arises in the period effect as much as this is. It depends on the difference of the compositions and the coating, respectively. Because the compositions of the polymer coating is an organic substance, scratches will always occur. The use of polyethylene for long-lasting cannot be avoided from degradation due to ultraviolet rays, heat and weather resistance, acidic material for silicon dioxide, that is the main composition in the glass coating.

To compare the effect of a long period coating with organic matter, who apply the glass coating will face greater or lesser price. But in some cases to say penny-wise and pound-foolish, the glass coating is cheaper, considered to the duration of the effect.