Difference in the implement of the other coatings

Difference in the implement of the other coatings

The current mainstream of coating are polymer coating, glass coating, glass -based coating. Polymer coating is a coating that is mainly composed of organic material such as polyethylene. On the other hand degradation is likely to occur, because it contains organic matter.

You can finish it according to the purpose for application of high composition. Glass coating is made by silicon dioxide only. With respect to the polymer, because it is composed of only inorganic completely. The protection affects many years and the deterioration is hard to occur. That makes the capable to give the sheen of glass and is unique advantages. The disadvantage is it is composed only of silicon dioxide, which is difficult to get more luster.

There are base coatings to replace for this drawback, the glass coating and a high polymer coating of applications for top coatings to keep the superficial glazing. They may be said that they are the methods that made up for each other's advantages and disadvantages. The glass coating system is called the polymer system glass coating, and is comprised of silicide and fluorochemical. Although, it is easy to make us confused; but the glass system is included some organic matter. It is accompanied by a deterioration unlike pure glass. The feature is that it is easy to use, but it is apt to become a half-done for an effect.

Because appropriate coatings change by the mileage. Therefore you should pick a suitable coating by knowing the features of each is good point first because it's important.